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2009 Congolese Heroes: Profiles of Leadership

A tribute in words featuring Congolese of the year 2009 Presented by The Congolese Development Center (CDC, INC) massachusetts


The Congolese Development Center National Awards Program provides awards annually to exceptionally successful Congolese for their initiatives or achievements. The awards recognize individuals who have made outstanding community contributions/achievements. The awards are open to individuals, nonprofit and community organizations, businesses, religious groups, and government entities, agencies, or officials operating in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa and in DRC. Many thanks for your assistance in spreading the word about this important opportunity for talented Congolese to obtain the recognition they deserve and congratulations to the 2009 Congolese heroes!

  • Dr. Denis Mukwenge Survivor of the civil war of 1996 in Lemera(D.R.Congo), he built a maternity ward with an operatinf room and created services specialized for the assumption of responsibility of women victims of sexual violence

  • Sandrine Ngalula Mubenga Graduated in Electrical Engineering, she succeded to transform an electric car prototype into a hybrid car by integrating Fuel Cell. She also started developing a plan to electrify villages in Congo-Kinshasa. This plan is primarily designed around solar energy

  • Sylvestre Ngoma Il detient une maîtrise en Gestion Strategique de l'internet et une Licence en Anglais. Il enseigne depuis 12 ans aux États-Unis d'Amérique. Il est également le webmaster du site internet de son école.

  • Reverand Alex Mulamba Avec son épouse Maman Judith, ils fond les ministères «Les merveilles de Dieu - God's Marvel Ministeries» Le pasteur Alex a fait son experience surnaturelle avec Dieu losrqu'une nuit, alors qu'il était en trois jours de jeune, une voix audible à appeler son nom à deux reprises.

  • Euclide Amani He has demonstrated a unique spirit of compassion rarely seen in any other Congolese immigrant. He worked for free to translate for many by helping out fellow Africans and other refugees. He asked for nothing for christmas but instead submitted several Congolese families names and delivered presents to them.

  • Kambale Musavuli He is a Congolese activist, student coordinator and spokesperson of Friends of the Congo. He produces weekly podcasts on the situation in the Congo. He has written for the Washington Post, Pambazuka News, The Root, and numerous other online publications.

  • Eric Kamba He works with outside partners on developing new Refugee and Immigrant Program Initiatives that establish strategic connections between refugee and immigrant communities and other agencies.,
    The National Association of Social Worker (NASW) appointed Mr.Kamba to serve as a member of the Social, Economic Justice and Peace Specialty Practice Section Committee.

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